Our Equine Staff


Everyone has their first lessons on Abby, Good Gossip (APHA). Abby is the matriarch of this lesson program. She proved her excellence in the showpen in multiple open, youth, and amateur classes. She brings her skills as a showhorse to the lesson pen to help new riders feel successful. Her patience with beginners is second to none. Abby loves show trail and walk/jog practice. Her favorite treat is apples.


Howard, Only Good Times (APHA), has World and Reserve World Champion titles. He is on a long-term lease with us from Carla Perri. He is excellent with beginner riders and teaches students the finer points of riding top-level Western pleasure and all-around show horses. King Howard, known around the barn, loves Western pleasure, horsemanship, showmanship, and trail practice. His favorite treats are custom, but he thinks apples are good too.


April, Boys Lie (APHA), has had years of success in the showpen and was donated to our program by the Turner Family. She is an excellent teacher and puts smiles on every one of her students. April loves show trail, Western pleasure, showmanship, and horsemanship practice. Her favorite treats are apples and carrots.


Wyatt, Good Silver Smoki (AQHA), has had years of training and was donated to our program by Tina Reeves. He is excellent at advancing riders’ skills and teaching students to post to the trot. Wyatt loves to trot. His favorite treats are apples.


Ducky, A Terrific Look(PtHA), was donated by Natasha and Andriana Colombo. He is excellent at teaching advanced skills and loves ranch-style riding. His smooth gait helps students gain confidence in traveling with more speed. His favorite treats are apples and carrots.


Toast, Christian Grey (APHA), is owned by Marquette Buhman and is currently leased to Helena Ryan. Toast helps with the more advanced lessons for those wishing to move on into the showpen. He has proven himself a competitive all-arounder and will team up with Helena to show in the ranch divisions. His favorite treat is carrots.

Professional Photo Credit to Rachel Griffin Photography